quick update

by redvultureblacksaffron

okay so an update about me because I haven’t blogged or been on tumblr forever:

my grad school/practicum experience is overwhelmingly at the moment. I am staying abreast of it in a way I’ve rarely been capable of in the past (thank you psychiatric meds) but it’s a huge amount of work. I can’t wait until I graduate I can ‘just’ have a job like a normal person.

my interest in hospice and palliative care continues to grow and it looks like I have a potential mentor now. I very much enjoy being mentored (and doing things hands on). I would like to orient my work towards trans, indigenous, and minority religious clients. I am investigating what I would need to do to become a polytheist chaplain. you might see more content from me going forward as I try to get the skills needed by studying various religions, etc.

sadly I’ve had to sacifice my creative stuff for the most part but yesterday I put some hopeful work in on both drawing and writing.

my relationship with the Morrigan is extremely confusing and contentious at the moment, though my relationship with Nephthys is stronger than ever. Without Her (and Osiris, though He is less present for me than She is) I would not succeed at any of this. That said I’d like to acknowledge that the Morrigan has also been a constant presence and even though our relationship is extremely weird right now I would never dream of leaving Her out of my gratitude. I think this is something I need outside perspective on and I’m still thinking about how to get that.

so there it is, quick update from me!