On my own again

by redvultureblacksaffron

I am no longer a member of Kemetic Reform. My best wishes go out to them as they venture forth and do the hard and necessary work of trying to establish a tradition. I especially appreciate Sharon’s videos, live rituals, and knowledge of AE. However, I am not convinced I’m meant to be a part of any one group. Even my blog, in the sense that it’s always been a journal and not a how to, points to this. If this changes at some point well, I’m sure the Gods will let me know Their will. And frankly, the Gods do and always will come first in my life. I participate in communities to the degree that I can without losing sight of Them and Their needs and desires. I don’t want or need any static in my god phone. This is a discernment process I have to actively engage in every single day, and the more complexities I have to juggle the more difficult it can become to keep that path between me and Them open and free of obstruction.

I know also I have some beliefs that may be considered fringe, like supporting god spouses, and not everyone will be on board with that. That’s fine, but I also know that if such a relationship is someday my calling, I might have to strike out on my own at that point anyway, given how the topic is generally received. Since I started blogging I have been rather beset by negativity at times, due to politics, strongly held beliefs on all sides, ideas about what a Kemetic should and shouldn’t be, ideas about how Kemetics should practice and comport themselves, and so forth. Some of that is a good thing and needed; we should all be able to think deeply on our beliefs, and able to defend them. On the other, it’s been a bit tiring to wade through all of it, when all I am trying to do is write about a single person’s journey. I want the blog to keep that conversational tone, instead of turning in to a battleground. It’s always been my goal to show you all a little slice of life, a spirit quest if you will that showcases one person’s attempt to puzzle out just where they’re going with this whole minority religion thing, now that I’ve accepted that I am a believer.

So I think it’s best to remove myself as an official member of Kemetic Reform. That said, I ask the blessings of the Netjeru for each and every one of them. They’ve had the stones to put together a group where few other people will bother. They didn’t let the pessimism I see a fair amount of get in the way or tell them that they couldn’t at least try to put something cohesive together. Kemeticism needs that and I hope they’ll be the ones to do it.

Thanks for reading.