The Morrigan evolves

by redvultureblacksaffron

I stood before the altar and poured out my heart. I told Her how She should be proud of me, because She is the one who capitalized on my warrior’s spirit to the point where I would tell even Her no. I told Her that the work I do now is as much devotional as what I did before, and that if She would only show me a different face, maybe we could build something not necessarily new, but deeper and better. I chanted her name repeatedly. I knelt. I made myself known.

And eventually, the answer came (at least in part):

If you would have a new face, then learn about me.

Yes ma’am. So now I am seeking out every story and song and poem about Her I can find. I’ve followed Her for decades, but there is always more to learn. One of our greatest bonds has always been the practice of shapeshifting, so I have no doubt that She can take whatever form or face suits Her will, and our mutual needs.

And then last night, after I had once again drummed up Her name from the depths, after I had called Her over and over…the rest came in a dream.

I wish I could share it here, but the information is still a shock and honestly, I am not sure what to make of it. As soon as I got the message, though, Nephthys pressed in on me as close as Morrigu. Do they, I wondered for the first time, want the same thing? And can I give it? I want to, but wanting to is not enough. I want to do a lot of things that in reality I can’t do, or can’t do well, or can’t devote the required time to.

In to the ritual bath I go, to open up to Them. We will see where this ends up.

As for Osiris, He is amused. If you don’t think the Lord of Eternity can have a joyous sense of humor, well, just hope He never thinks to play a joke on you.