Belated Wep Ronpet wrap up

by redvultureblacksaffron

Hi! Sorry for the late post. My health has been very changeable over the past few months and sometimes blogging suffers because of it.

I think I mentioned in one of the first posts on this blog that I am also frightfully poor, so while I wanted to do more for the gods many of my offerings and such like were modest.

One last thing I want to bring up is that for the purposes of this celebration I had three altars, one in my bedroom (permanent), one as a supplement to the bedroom altar (it’s an extra table I use for offerings, with the icons on the bookshelf above), and a temporary Wep Ronpet altar in the living room.

Here is a blurry (sorry) picture of the supplemental altar table:

Offering table

Offering table

So what did I do this year?

I started off with a preliminary feast, primarily with Isis and Nephthys in mind. I cleaned the kitchen and living room as thoroughly as I could and set up the fireplace mantle as a temporary altar. There was even a vase of flowers involved, until the cats found it! (jerks) Party food was eaten, and the mood was exuberant and celebratory. I found these Seattle Chocolate company chocolates with birthday cake batter inside, and they went up on the altar, one for each god.

1). Osiris. It was my intent to go to the graveyard (right up the road) as I have a grave I tend there in His name, however other circumstances meant we couldn’t do it on His day. He still received wine, water, and bread, and I read prayers for Him in front of the Wep Ronpet altar. Osiris is a very joyful god for me, and He seemed happy and pleased with what He did get. I’m one of those people who would love to make grand gestures to the gods every day, but humble offerings and genuine prayers do just as well for the most part.

2). Heru Wer. So Heru Wer and I have basically no relationship. That probably makes me a bad Kemetic considering Heru and his many manifestations could arguably be the most important god in the whole pantheon as far as the stories go. The fact remains that I didn’t have much if any guidance from Him about what He might like, so he received the same traditional offerings as Osiris and prayers about Him at the Wep Ronpet altar.

I should note here that keeping the house relatively clean and orderly was another thing I did in the spirit of Wep Ronpet. Putting one’s house in order is a pretty common idea when it comes to a New Year’s celebration, whether that be literally or metaphorically. Of course the place is never as clean as I might like but I made the effort to keep the mess to a dull roar, at least. I scrubbed in between appliances and under the kitchen cabinets and let me tell you, those areas in particular turn in to a horror show really easily.

3). Set. I went out and danced the night away. I saw an amazing band play live and it was just the kind of show I like. Going to big stadium concerts, well, that’s just not my thing. But a highly energetic show in a tiny club, now that I am in to. I don’t have a relationship with Set at this point but it felt like the right thing to do for Him. I was also able to spend time with friends who I don’t get to see often.

I like the idea of things we do in our daily lives being offerings in and of themselves, because what we do is so much more important than anything else. A friend recently posted about sharing music with her god and I thought that was a lovely notion. If you’re ritual oriented like me spending time at the altar in formal prayer can be great, but if you’re not you can connect with Them in so many other ways that are just as valid. Anything, in my opinion, that keeps your mind on the gods can be a ritual or a prayer.

I think for example I’ve mentioned before that my commitment to fitness has been an ongoing dedication to the Morrigan (hence my protein bars being on the altar) and in service to Her as Her warrior. That’s what I’m driving at. I think we’ve probably all experienced the kind of hollow praying that often goes on in big gatherings, where it’s more about appearances than about connecting with the other world. It’s a bad path to go down, mistaking going through the motions for actual service.

Anyway so, dancing, and it was also powerful for me because for several years my anxiety was such I could barely leave the house, let alone let go enough to enjoy being crammed in to a dark bar with a bunch of gyrating strangers. Dua Set.

4. Isis (or Aset). I think of Isis and Aset as different goddesses or at least wildly different aspects of the same goddess, neither of whom I am particularly connected to, but I have had more experiences with Aset. Still, I’m including both Names to encompass Her many aspects


Isis received chocolates and gummy bears. I don’t know why this is but in my experience both Nephthys and Isis LOVE chocolate. At this point I also printed out some pictures of all of the major gods, which might go up over the fireplace on a more permanent basis. I really love having icons to pray to and to anoint and dress, and I think the lack of said same for most of these gods hampered me a bit.

5). Nephthys. This is THE day as far as I am concerned, the birthday of the goddess I love. I went out to breakfast to celebrate, then since it was also our favorite cat’s birthday we took him out on his leash and harness to play outside. The day was spent with friends, playing with the cat, drinking good coffee, and generally acting with a joyous spirit. I said prayers to Thoth on this day as well, since without Him Nephthys would never have been born. I baked up a tray of brownies for both Isis and Nephthys, and placed pieces on the bedroom altar. I wanted to do a challah recipe but that turned out to be too ambitious this time around. I’d still like to get in the habit of devotional baking in the future though.

Every night, candles were also lit and at the very least the names of each god I wished to honor were said aloud. I usually pour some water or wine in to the cups on my bedroom altar as well as the Wep Ronpet altar.

An aside about the Morrigan: She can be very jealous and demanding. (She’s laughing at me as I write this. Maybe I should add unrepentant to the list?) She mostly stayed quiet for the whole of Wep Ronpet, though I think I owe Her the same amount of time in festival. She likes being made much of as a warrior queen well might. Her holiday in my mind is Samhain, and every year I acknowledge Her and do much the same kind of things at this time. Every night (except last night, I’m afraid) I also light some candles for Her and at the very least say Her name aloud.


To be honest with you guys? I didn’t have the energy to get angry at the paper, and stab it, and whatever else. I’ve been through so much and struggled with a metric ton of shadow work and I just didn’t have it in me to pour all my pain and anger and resentment properly in to this step. I wrote some things like,

A). Bitterness

B). My dad (and ending my relationship with him)

C). Fears about the past

D). Struggles with mental illness

I looked at it blankly, then set it on fire. It was the best I could do. I flushed the ashes down the toilet along with, hopefully, all the negative shit hampering me.

Bath time

I associate Nephthys (and Isis) with ritual bathing. I was lucky enough to have a Lush bath bomb on my altar. It had been there forever, waiting for the right occasion, and I figured now was as good a time as any. When I put it in the bath it exploded in a perfumed fizz that turned the water green. I laughed I was so delighted. That felt nice. It was a good way to end everything. I tried to spend the whole time in the tub focused on Nephthys, our mutual love and relationship, any Mysteries She might have to teach me and so on.

What did you for Wep Ronpet? Let me know!