ground rules + happy birthday Osiris

by redvultureblacksaffron

If you’re coming to this blog just to leave a hostile comment, don’t.

Going forward I am just going to delete them without replying.

It’s starting to negatively impact my practice, even though it honestly doesn’t happen that often; most of you are awesome. Yet the fact remains that I did not create this blog in order to engage in that kind of discourse. I always said to myself that I would delete this thing if it started to mess up my relationship with my gods (I have been completely solitary for over a decade), and I consider deleting it at least once a week now. Of course we all feel passionately about our spiritual experiences (as do I, which is a good part of why I take this as personally as I do), but I have feelings and I won’t allow them to be stepped on just because this is the Internet, or perhaps because you don’t think I have enough nebulous blogging/Internet presence cred. I struggle with internalizing the feelings of others and I don’t need that stuff in my life.

I will say it for what feels like the millionth time: these entries reflect a single person’s relationship with a certain set of gods. Never once have I claimed to have all the answers or claimed my experiences are any more than what they are. If your practice with these gods (or any other gods for that matter) is different from mine, great.

tl;dr Disagree with my ideas if you like, but be civil.

Thank you.


Now that the less pleasant business is over, today is the day I have chosen to honor Osiris and his birthday. My partner and I will likely stop by the graveyard tonight and leave flowers for a certain someone. She’s part of my honoring the dead project and I’d love to talk about it more, but I am still not getting the go ahead from Osiris to do so. So, I will err on the side of caution and leave out the details.

There is a mantle over my fireplace that I am going to transform in to a temporary altar over the next few days, adding a piece to represent each god as Wep Ronpet festivities progress. I might try baking some rolls as well, though I have to admit I am a MUCH better cook than I am a baker. I don’t have the baking mentality! Sadly, I am not a very precise person, and baking requires precision. If they turn out maybe I’ll post some pictures.

Glory to you, Osiris, on this your holy day!

I know some of you have already celebrated or are in the middle of your celebration already. If so, how is it going? 🙂