Happy festivities!

by redvultureblacksaffron

Woohoo, Wep Ronpet! (In case you’re interested I am cribbing from thisfor my dates. Thanks FBO!)

I set today aside for a preliminary feast for Isis and Nephthys. I have a special meal in my family that I’ve been making for almost twenty years. I make it every time there’s a celebration, or I need comfort, or I have people over. I’ve never once had people turn it down. (I won’t reveal what it is because if I did it would make me fairly identifiable) The hojillion iteration of said same is currently bubbling away on my stove.

For the slaying of Apep I think I will try my hand at this. You’ll notice it has a lot of relevant ingredients (figs, salt) and it ought to bleed enough thanks to the jam. Wish me luck. I’ve never made challah before but have always wanted to try.

I am bringing Nephthys out of the bedroom in to a place of honor on the mantle. My partner was kind enough to buy me some flowers for Her. Sorry that this post is sort of disjointed. I’m just so excited! I’ve been very sick lately and this is a nice thing to focus on. Reaffirming my love for Nephthys and Her love for me is a good thing to do right now. Strengthening what I have with Osiris is also great! I’m also looking forward to maybe meeting and speaking with gods I normally don’t have much of a connection with (sorry Horus).

What are you guys doing for Wep Ronpet?