ADF ritual

by redvultureblacksaffron

I went to my first ADF ritual today and it was lovely.

There was a guided meditation, but I experienced something a bit different than the content thereof that I thought I’d share.

The leader of the ritual asked us to imagine sitting against a tree. There I was under the Morrigan’s tree, which I consider to be the hawthorne or the blackthorne. It surprised me to then hear a monent later that I was supposed to be imagining the World Tree! I did my best but the Morrigan’s tree remained. This wasn’t really a surprise to me and in fact She seemed amused by it all.

(As an aside, does anyone else experience the Morrigan as having a very obvious sense of humor? She’s often seems a little like an off color auntie who drinks too much at parties and likes to make dick jokes).

I followed her in to the woods. The ground was composed of viscous rainbow magic that swirled thick around our feet. The ritual leader asked us to imagine a well with three goddesses standing there. Here’s the weird thing…I’ve never seen the Morrigan as a triple goddess. Ever. So only She showed up. She usually seems middle aged, vigorous, usually clad in armor, though I have seen Her as the Maggot Queen who comes creeping like an animated corpse.

I stepped up to the well which was overflowing with this rainbow essence. We both plunged our hands in to it, then held our hands in a cradle as magic poured off around us. When I was asked to return to the World Tree, nope. Morrigan’s tree again. I was able to say a little prayer to Her too, which was nice, even though we were primarily focusing on Dagda and Boann. I think the next ritual is intended to revolve around Aphrodite and one of Her lovers, which is less relevant to my beliefs but will still be nice to see and participate in.

An amusing moment came when I said “do you guys eat your offerings?” and they said no! in a scandalized tone. Well hey, I’m Kemetic and I eat my offerings. Yes, even the offerings I give to the People. So far I haven’t been scolded for doing this by any of the deities that come to my altar, so that’s a positive sign!

The people were very friendly and I’ll certainly go again. If you’re interested in ADF by all means check it  out. They have an LGBT interest group but I can’t really learn too much about them until I pay my dues. Once I drop the money I’ll write a post about what I find out.